Broken Foot = Perfect Time to Start a Site

I generally flinch when the word “blogger” comes up. I guess my mind is old school (or some would say just “old”) when people’s opinions are expressed in writing.

My memory would argue that in the old days, journalists and editors would express their opinions and information well using a vast and rich resource of vocabulary to do so. When someone without proper credentials expressed his opinion in writing it could supposedly be easily detected and therefore disregarded as misinformed at best, or simply unintelligent.

When blogs started popping up rapidly about a decade ago, I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about – reading 2nd hand rumors and thoughts of people whom I didn’t know and didn’t really care about. It’d suffice to say I didn’t follow any of them.

However, my “old age” attitude holds a greater deterrence from modern day journalism, misinforming the public on a daily basis at its best, and at its worst – doing so with horrible writing and personal biased opinions.

So.. In such a world, I was slowly delving into a few blogs created by close friends and artists whom I appreciate. After enjoying these for some time even more than following papers and magazines, I decided to start my own (Now that I’m home with a broken foot – it’s a perfect timing).

I’ve seen too many blogs begin with a vision of what the blog will and will not do in the future. I guess it’s best to avoid a foreshadowing of what’s to come, except for stating that this blog will definitely chronicle my tries and endeavors.



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