Distinctly 90’s Sound: FAILURE

I realize this is what old people say, but man, there was some great music in the 90’s.
The 90’s was the last decade where people actually paid for music in masses, I suppose, because the Napster thing only happened in ’99.

With the current flood of bands reuniting to cash in on past success, I’m afraid we won’t get to see one of the best again: FAILURE.
One of the reasons for that, I suspect, is that Failure didn’t meet with much success in the first place. They struck me as the underdogs, slowly building themselves up. Sure, they toured with TOOL and did the best cover eve made for Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence”, but it seems they were on the brink of a commercial breakthrough when they split in late 1997.

With 3 great albums in their resume, the last 4 members went on to work in renowned bands (Autolux, Queens of the Stone Age, Veruca Salt) or become legendary producers. I still believe that had they continued with Failure, they could have created albums that surpass the others.


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