snaganubbin sticker

snaganubbin is a band I’ve been privileged to take part in for about 4 years, though to say its current incarnation is similar to the original would be ridiculous.


Ron Minis and I have created the current sound of snaganubbin in late 2009. It’s noisy rock, which delves into genres that include drone, disco, metal, stoner rock, and garage. I think when listening to the music you could find various influences.
Prior to my injury we were about to continue working on our basic-mixes for an upcoming EP. The recordings were done in late 2010 at Pluto studios, and will finally be picked up this week for mix work.


Hopefully within a month we could ship off the recordings to be mixed & mastered by Matt Bayles, with whom we worked on our “earworm” single. I’m happy that the EP is getting along well, as it’s rather annoying to have the band associated with just one song by those who haven’t seen it live.


*snaganubbin sticker/elephant logo by Oren Siegel.
**All photos by Omer Greisman.


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