Ipecac and Compiling Music

It’s been a few days. Since then I’ve still mostly been at home, recovering.

My work at V.A. involves compiling music for various businesses/pubs/clubs according to requests and interests. A lot of the time it gets tiresome and predictable, but it’s great when you get a client that really challenges you musically and forces you to broaden your horizons. I’ve been working on finding some strange music the past few days.

Greg Werckman and Mike Patton

In addition, yesterday we did a great interview with Greg Werckman, the manager of Ipecac Recordings. The show will only air in a week and a half, so unfortunately I won’t tell you what he said.
If you don’t know Ipecac, you really should. It’s the kind of label that, well, forces you to broaden your musical horizons (2nd time this post). Since 1999, they’ve had an amazing roster of artists and records out.


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