Verellen & Ultrasound

One of the recommended links here is for Ben Verellen’s website.

Ben is one of the artists we interviewed on the show, and we picked his Helms Alee debut as one of the best albums of the past decade. In our home, Night Terror was on heavy rotation, and I frequently play tracks off it at the station.

I’ve benefited not only from listening to the beautiful & powerful record, but also in two other things.

One was choosing the person who has done the mix for the snaganubbin single, “earworm“. After consulting Roy of Tiger Love for mixers, I was disappointed with the selection & prices of the ones he suggested in Israel.
I decided to try my luck with someone whose work I personally appreciate, and that was Matt Bayles.

Bayles, who mixed and produced Helms Alee’s Night Terror, has also worked with Mastodon, Isis, Blood Brothers and Russian Circles. His work is unified by being clean sounding and explosive at the same time. After sending the track to Matt he willfully agreed to work with us, which surprised & flattered us. The work he did speaks for itself.

The second thing I gained from the Verellen interview was being encouraged by my wife to get one of the amplifiers which Ben builds.
Over the past few years, Verellen started an amp company which today is both renowned and respected for it’s unique sound and beautiful structure. Ben built us a MeatSmoke which is definitely one of our prized possessions.
For the bass sound in snaganubbin, it was totally the missing piece.

Only a few days after we’d received the amp, Natalie and I went and purchased a Mesa cab and on the next day, snaganubbin performed with it at the Ultrasound Festival – what turned out to be my favorite snag show thus far.

On the 25th this month, we’ll be sharing the small stage at the Bloom Bar with After G.R.E.V. while more shows will be added next month.
Come check us out if you haven’t yet.
New merch is coming soon.


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