Abnormal Plumage

On Friday night snaganubbin performed @ the Bloom Bar, to what turned out to be a place too small for snaganubbin, at least sound-wise.

We did, however, release the 40-minute single track album entitled “Abnormal Plumage”. That week we recorded it, it was mixed by Daniel from Kaoss, and i designed the handmade cover.

100 numbered copies were made by Natalie, my father and myself. All coveres were cut by hand from canvas-like, thick paper. Colors done by spray paint.

Here are some pictures of my sweatshop in progress:

most cds have a repeated drawing of a bird on them. select few have a variation of the bird, distributed randomly in the cd cases.

We have some copied left which we’ll sell on the upcoming live shows. If you can’t be bothered to come down and get it from us, email snaganubbin (at) gmail (dot) com to order yours via mail.

*more pictures added soon


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