Earth: Angels of Darkness Demons of Light

One of the artists whose records we always pre-order is Dylan Carlson (Earth). I discovered them rather late in life, considering they started out in 1989 – I guess it was in around 2001. Carlson stopped releasing recordings from 1996 to 2005 (minus live recordings) so I had about 4 years to get obsessed with Earth 2 and the rest until the beautiful Hex came out.

The path from Earth to Sunn o))) and Boris was short, as I assume it is for many people, and I’ve only benefited from it. O’Malley and Anderson audio juggernaut of Sunn o)) and Carlson’s life-soundtrack Earth are bands for which I have a ritual when listening to their records. There is something enchanting about their albums, something that makes you just sit and listen. I mean really listen. And then drift into a deep thought.

When we saw Earth was coming out with a new record on Southern Lord we ordered it immediately. It came about a month ago or so, along with an awaited order I’d postponed for a while (Sunn o)))’s Monoliths and Dimensions). I’m only writing about this now because due to our move to a new city, I haven’t been able to listen to the record for a month.

The packaging is strikingly different, as is the music. Well, strikingly different maybe not, but this Earth album feels like it’s going in a different direction than the previous ones did (since Earth’s reformation in the 2000’s). I do love the series up till now, ending with The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull, but don;t get me wrong – this release is spellbinding nonetheless. The addition of cello is totally brilliant, which makes me wonder why this didn’t really happen until now. Regarding Carlson’s guitar work, he fills in more of the empty spaces with his guitar work, allowing the listener to perhaps listen more fluently to the progression than sink deeper into the mood like before.

It would be hard for me to place a preference of one Earth album over another, but Angels I definitely is another release we’ll enjoy spinning on the record player for many years to come.


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