Distinctly 90’s Sound: Swing Kids/Blue Note

Those of you who listen to the J&H show regularly know we’re quite the Justin Pearson fanboys. The 2 extensive interviews we’ve done with him (the first, the second)are proof enough that in our opinion, most of what Pearson does turns to gold.

But before The Locust, Some Girls, All Leather and Retox – the source of the Pearson sonic sound lies in Swing Kids.

Swing Kids, according to Pearson, never really reached much fame when it was still around in the 90’s. I found out about them only after I heard The Locust and Some Girls, I believe. The first song I heard was the cover to Joy Division’s Warsaw and surprisingly, it completely surpasses the original, giving it a fresh take.

Swing Kids only got around to record 9 songs on EPs singles and compilations. All of these were collected into 1 released entitled “discography” after guitarist Eric’s untimely passing.

When we DJ, I believe at least one SK song is a cornerstone of our session. It was saddening to think that a band with such great energies and ideas was only appreciated by masses a decade after it has disbanded.

Luckily, the remaining members of the group (Jose Palafox, John Brady, Jimmy LaValle and Justin Pearson) regrouped a couple of years back for a charity event. I guess that time together sparked something in them, because they not only recorded a new 7″ together, but are soon to be touring Europe. Pearson explains that this new group is called Blue Note and not Swing Kids, “as Swing Kids passed away with Eric Allen”.

So, if you reside in one of the lucky areas in which Swing Kids/Blue Note will play, make sure to go see them and tell us all about it.
I contacted several venues in Israel and tried to convince them to bring Blue Note to Israel. unfortunately all attempts were unfruitful.

On a different note, make sure you listen to tonight’s show with Israeli metal giants Eternal Gray in the studio.
Gil, Dory and Auria will discuss their upcoming new album and record deal with Oded and myself and will play some of their mad tracks.

If you want to win a ticket to their Thursday show at the Sublime (with M.I.A.), email Eternal.Gray@gmail.com and answer this question:
When was “war of chaos” written? (answer during the show)

See you @ the Sublime on Thursday!


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