Upcoming Interview with Chilly Gonzales

Sometime in 2005, Oded Harel, Omer Tayar and I went to the Givatayim Theatre for an unforgetttable event – Gonzales’ “Solo Piano” live.

Gonzales (nowadays called Chilly Gonzales) is Jason Beck, a Canadian musical prodigy who, up to “Solo Piano” dabbled in pop, rap and electro music. He’s worked with Feist, Peaches and Jamie Lidell and collaborated with them on some of their more interesting tracks. In 2009 he broke the world record for the longest solo artist piano performance, and from the videos posted on the net, didn’t stop entertaining for a second.

Gonzales currently resides in Paris and we’ll be conducting a phone interview with him this Tuesday to discuss his brand new release “The Unspeakable”.


We’ll definitely be discussing his previous albums, including the perfect release of “Solo Piano” from 2004, but also the wonderous funky tracks released since.


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