Latest and Upcoming J&H Hits

Since we’re on a roll of wonderful interviews there wasn’t much time to promote inventive and beautiful new music on Jekyll and Hyde lately.

To give you a taste of the upcoming gems you’ll hear on our upcoming shows, I’m posting some of the best new tracks around. Enjoy

Alain Johannes – Return to You

Hardly a “new” track, this was released in late 2010 on Johannes’s debut album. If you listened to our Johannes interview a couple of months ago, you know we talked about the song’s amazing single-potential. Now that the album was released on vinyl just a few days ago, Domino are also releasing this track as single.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Chuck McChip

If you have the vinyl version of Option Paralysis, this is not news to you. This atmospheric instrumental track closes that album, but was just recently available to the vinyl-deficient public. Beautiful.

Elysian Fields – Sleepover

Jekyll and Hyde favorite Elysian Fields put out another masterpiece. Hope this one’s coming out on vinyl as well.

Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis – Unchain My Heart

There’s something magical about combining the forces of jazz and country music. A risky mix, but their collaborative album proves it can be masterfully done.

Veronica Maggio – Inga Klder

This beautiful album (Satan I Gatan) found its way to me in a mysterious unknown way. My friend Martin Centerman informed me that her track “Jag Kommer” is at the top of the charts in Sweden at the moment, but I truly believe “Inga Klder” is the album’s best pick.

New York Dolls – You Don’t Have To Cry

It’s not THE New York Dolls, having 2 of the original members and being over 60 years old. But had they played/written proto-punk songs like the earlier albums, I doubt it would satisfy anyone. Instead, Johansen and Sylvain added Frank Infante of Blondie to help do this album and created something quite special. I do love the edge that the Dolls had, but coming to terms with age/attitude, the new album’s folkish sound keeps finding its way back to my playlist.

MEN – Boom Boom Boom

There are many of us who’ve been waiting for years for JD Samson’s project to be heard. Samson started this when the legendary Le Tigre went on hiatus in 2005ish, and if this track doesn’t make you at least tap your foot, there must be something wrong with you.

Beth Ditto – I Wrote the Book

Beth Ditto without The Gossip. Better? No, but just as great.

Retox – Boredom is Counter-Revolutionary

This will only be released in August, but I was fortunate enough to listen to the mixes at hand already. I thought the EP was explosive, but the LP is the real proof to why Pearson and co. are hardcore Gods.

Liturgy – Returner

We received info of this crazy band from one of the hippest labels around – Thrill Jockey. I’ve heard quite a few descriptions of this band and they’re getting quite the buzz. To me it’s quite an eclectic blend of black metal and psychedelia, and the rest of the album is worth the purchase.

Battles – Futura

Like many, I was worried about what might become of Battles once it was known that Tyondai Braxton left the band. The long wait for Mirrored’s (2007) follow-up was worth it. I wonder if he has any regrets

Rasputina – On My Knees

The 11 minute track accompanied a 13-minute movie, starring Melora Creager in 2003. It only came out recently on a Rasputina collection Great American Gingerbread. Usually a collection is just an excuse to release tracks that weren’t good enough to be on an album, but ‘Gingerbread is another gem in the Rasputina arsenal.

Joe Lally – What Makes You

Fugazi’s Joe Lally. Need I say more?

Micachu and The Shapes and the London Sinfonietta – Unlucky

To describe something as “Strange” is a compliment in my eyes when it comes to music. That’s how I’d describe Micachu’s debut effort. But the new collaboration with the London Sinfonietta is twice as strange, and 5x as inventive.

On a personal note, you may have noticed my post about Gas Huffer a month ago, and how I’d tried to contact the band in the past 4 years for an interview. I’m ecstatic to inform you that my attempts were fruitful and within a month or so a GAS HUFFER special will air with the great members interviewed by yours truly and Oded Fluss.
More glorious interviewees coming soon: Zola Jesus and Jimmy LaValle (Album Leaf)


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