Alain Johannes Interviewed on Jekyll and Hyde: now available on the archive

The Alain Johannes Special’s been uploaded to our online archive and is now available here.

Alain Johannes

Just a few days ago I brainwashed you again with one of the most beautiful songs ever written: Alain Johannes‘s “Return to You”.
The great Alain Johannes has played with pre-Chili Peppers/Pearl Jam members, as well as with Queens of the Stone Age. Mark Lanegan, Them Crooked Vultures and the amazing Eleven, of course.

In late 2010 he put out his first solo effort, Spark, which was put out on vinyl only a few days ago. We already played our copy numerous times since its arrival on Wednesday, and we urge you to do the same.

The Show:

1. Alain Johannes – Return to You

*Alain on performing Spark live אלן מדבר על ההופעה החייה של אלבום הסולו שלו

2. Queens of the Stone Age – Little Sister

*Alain on the performing alone vs with a band אלן על הופעה לבד לעומת הופעה עם להקה

3. Alain Johannes – Endless Eyes

4. Alain Johannes – Spider

*Alain on the inspiration and writing/recording process of his solo album, Spark אלן מדבר על ההשראה/כתיבה/הקלטת אלבום הסולו

5. Eleven – You Will Know (Alain and Natasha Schneider’s 90’s band)

6. Eleven – Rainbow’s End

*Alain on getting into engineering/producing אלן על הקלטות/הפקות

7. Chris Cornell – Can’t Change Me

*Alain on starting his own recording studio אלן על הקמת האולפן שלו

8. Alain Johannes – Make God Jealous

9. Walk The Moon – She Flies (Alain and Natasha’s 80’s band)

*Earliest impressions on music industry: What Is This?/session player רושם ראשוני על תעשיית המוסיקה

10. What is This? – I am a House (Alain with pre-Red Hot Chili Peppers members)

11. Annabel Lamb – Riders on the Storm (Alain on guitar, 1983)

*Alain on Previous Day Jobs, getting What Is This? signed and the first band with Natasha (Walk the Moon) עבודות עבר, חתימת להקתו הראשונה ופגישת נטשה

12. Walk The Moon – Tears in your Smile

13. What is This? – Squeezed

*Alain on Eleven אלן על אילבן

14. Eleven – Awful Lot

15. Queens of the Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu (live)

*Alain on joining Queens of the Stone Age אלן על קווינס אוף דה סטון אייג’

16. Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows (live)

*Alain on Arctic Monkeys and Them Crooked Vultures אלן על ארקטיק מונקיז/דם קרוקד וולצ’רס

17. Them Crooked Vultures – New Fang

*Alain on Them Crooked Vultures live and future אלן על הופעות ועתיד דם קרוקד וולצ’רס

18. Alain Johannes – Fall To Grace

*Alain on future touring of his solo album and plans on working with Mark Lanegan on his new album אלן על הופעות עתיד ועבודה עם מארק לאנגן

19. Mark Lanegan – Clear Spot

*Alain on performing in Israel אלן על עתיד הופעות בארץ

20. Alain Johannes – The Bleeding Whole

*Goodbyes להתראות

21. Eleven – Why


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