Chilly Gonzales interviewed on Jekyll and Hyde, 2011

You better believe it: Chilly Gonzales, the rapping pianist was interviewed on the Jekyll and Hyde show.
The Musical Genius shared his insight and humor with us.

Chilly Gonzales

*Chilly Gonzales intro
1. Chilly Gonzales – Self Portrait (from The Unspeakable)
*Oren and Oded Hebrew intro
2. Gonzales – The Worst MC Part 2 (from The Entertainist)
3. Gonzales – Dot (from Solo Piano)
*Gonzales on memories from Israel and the persona of “Gonzales”
4. Chilly Gonzales – Supervillain Music (from The Unspeakable)
*Gonzales on combining classic training and modern music
5. Gonzales – Chilly in F Minor (from Gonzales Uber Alles)
6. Gonzales – Smothered Mate (from Ivory Tower)
*Gonzales on the writing process
for The Unspeakable
7. Chilly Gonzales – Rap Race (from The Unspakable)
*Gonzales on breaking the Guinness World Record for longest solo piano performance
8. Gonzales – You Can Dance (from Ivory Tower)
*Gonzales on challenging other musicians to competitions the connection between being deep and being an asshole
9. Gonzales ft. Feist – Salieri Serenade (from Presidential Suite)
*Gonzales on Kanye West’s connection to the song “Who Wants to Hear This?”)
10. Chilly Gonzales – Who Wants to Hear This? (from The Unspeakable)
11. Gonzales – Let’s Ride (from Soft Power)
12. Gonzales – Modalisa (from Soft Power)
*Gonzales on working with Peaches, Jamie Lidell, Feist and Tiga
13. Jamie Lidell – Another Day (Gonzales on piano)
14. Gonzales ft Peaches – The Joy of Thinking (from Z)
*Gonzales on his first movie: Ivory Tower
15. Gonzales – I Am Europe (from Ivory Tower)
16. Chilly Gonzales – Different Kind of Prostitute
*Gonzales on the success of his music video vs the movie
17. Gonzales – The Grudge (from Ivory Tower)
*Gonzales on major labels, independent labels and his own label
18. Gonzales – This One Jam (from Z)
*Gonzales on his favorite album, Soft Power, its commercial failure and connection to marijuana
19. Gonzales – Map of the World (from Soft Power)
20. Gonzales – Overnight (from Solo Piano)
*Gonzales on his fascination with political speech writing
21. Gonzales – Higher Than You (The Entertainist)
22. Gonzales – Aarnivalse (from Solo Piano)
23. Chilly Gonzales – Beans (from The Unspeakable)
*Gonzales to participate in the Knesset and future visit to Israel
24. Gonzales – Cum on You (from The Entertainist)
25. Gonzales – Headstone Park (from Presidential Suite)
26. Gonzales – Siren Song (from Ivory Tower)
27. Gonzales – Slow Down (from Soft Power)


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