Zola Jesus on the Jekyll and Hyde Show

Zola Jesus (Nika Rosa Danilova) interviewed on Jekyll and Hyde

This special show with Nika Rosa Danilova AKA Zola Jesus is now on the online archive

* Intro by Nika
1. Zola Jesus – Trust Me
* Intro: Hebrew
2. Zola Jesus – Clay Bodies
* Nika on Growing up in Wisconsin
3. Zola Jesus – Manifest Destiny
* Music as a child, pursuing music as a career, and back-up plan
4. Zola Jesus – Sink the Dynasty
* Nika on her song-writing process
5. Zola Jesus – Night
* Nika on Lyrics
6. Zola Jesus – Sea Talk
* Nika on artistic and pop influences
7. Niobe – Surround Your Hover
8. Zola Jesus – Stridulum
* Nika on opera and competetiveness in music
9. Zola Jesus – Tower
* Nika on bringing the music to life: live shows
10. Zola Jesus – Tell it to the Willow
Zola Jesus
11. Zola Jesus – I Can’t Stand
* Would Nika write theatrical music?
12. Zola Jesus – Lightstick
* Nika on fellow touring bands: Cold Cave, Fever Ray, The XX, Cults of Youth. Possible collaborations?
13. Cold Cave – The Trees Grew Emotions
14. The XX – Crystalised
* Nika on playing at the Brixton Academy
15. Xiu Xiu – Ceremony
16. Zola Jesus – Dog
* Nika on disliking the touring life & inability of performing certain songs live
17. Zola Jesus – Last Day
* What is Nika’s favorite song to play live?
18. Zola Jesus – Run Me Out
* Nika on her favorite release and finishing her new album
19. Zola Jesus – Sinfonia and the Shrew
* Stopping by in Israel & goodbyes
20. Zola Jesus – New Amsterdam
21. Cold Cave – Double Lives in Single Beds
22. Xiu Xiu – Chocolate Makes You Happy
23. Zola Jesus – Nativity



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