Gas Huffer Special on Jekyll and Hyde: Part 1 of 2

The Gas Huffer interview.

This is it. The moment we’ve been waiting for since J&H’s first inception.

We’ve managed to get our favorite band members back together for a collective phone interview 4 years after they called it quits.

Without a doubt, this was the most fun we’ve had on the show. The Huffers were a bundle of laughs and in these two shows you’ll hear some of the best music ever made. By anyone!


* Intro by Don Blackstone

1. Gas Huffer – Don’t Panic

* Introductions, Gas Huffer’s early days, Tom Price’s U-Men days

2. U-Men – Blight (Tom Price on guitar)

* Don Blackstone and Joe Newton’s influences

3. ACDC – If You Want Blood

4. Dead Kennedys – MTV Get Off The Air

* Matt Wright and Tom Price’s influences

5. The Cramps – Human Fly

6. Aerosmith – Toys in the Attic

* GH’s overlapping musical taste and strong dislikes

7. Gas Huffer – Mayfield

* GH on the comics added to their first 5 LPs

8. Gas Huffer – Shoe Factory

* GH on lyrics use and stories in the comics

9. Gas Huffer – Mr. Sudbuster

* GH on the grunge explosion, the great Jack Endino

10. Gas Huffer – Lizard Hunt

11. Gas Huffer – Firebug

* GH on Mudhoney and Nevermind

12. Nirvana – In Bloom

13. Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick

* People constantly getting confused between Gas Huffer and Mudhoney

14. Gas Huffer – Hot Cakes

15. Gas Huffer – Release the Robots

* GH on the death of the record industry and modern self promotion

16. Gas Huffer – You Are Not Your Job

17. Gas Huffer – Aldedy Blues

* GH’s Joe reminisces Japan’s illegal tour, Matt’s daughter’s words of wisdom, and Don explains the correlation between getting drunk fast and being a professional musician

18. Gas Huffer – Rotten Egg

19. Gas Huffer – Taco and a Bottle

* GH’s Tom on the tough-guy mentality of Epitaph

20. Gas Huffer – More of Everything

21. New Bomb Turks – Jukebox Lean

* GH on Epitaph’s possible conspiracy to destroy potentially successful bands.

22. Gas Huffer – Sixty-Three Hours

* GH on fellow touring bands: Girl Trouble, The Cramps, Superchunk, Satan’s Pilgrims and more

23. Girl Trouble – Gonna Find A Cave

24. The Cramps – Can Your Pussy Do The Dog

25. Gas Huffer – Berlin to New York, 1937


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