New Jekyll and Hyde time-slot!

After 4 years of airing the show on Monday from 22:00 to 00:00, we’re more than happy to report that our show has now moved to Saturday night from 22:00 to 00:00

It is simply a glorious coincidence that we begin airing at this new time slot with the second part of our heroes, Gas Huffer! (So to all their loyal fans, the second part will be added to the archive once the show airs)

More news:

*A new J&H show theme is in the works as well (by snaganubbin, of course)

*Next week on J&H: The Album Leaf special with none other than Jimmy LaValle himself, who’s currently letting his HYDE side out while touring Europe with Blue Note (AKA Swing Kids)

* I’ll be joining a space-drone jam session by a supergroup of Israeli music masters next week, led by Ido Shaham. This will no doubt be an interesting experience, and hopefully the session could be uploaded the week thereafter


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