Gas Huffer Special on Jekyll and Hyde: Part 2 of 2

The final part of the 2-part Gas Huffer special. Our heroes keep shining. Enjoy!

I’d just like to say how wonderful it is that we’ve celebrated 4 years of broadcast by moving to a new time slot on Saturday night and airing an interview special with the band who we’ve tried to contact since the first show we ever made…

Hebrew intro

1. Gas Huffer – Hold the Roll

* Tom and Matt talk about what they miss while touring

2. Gas Huffer – Quasimodo ’94

* Joe shares his views on the simplicity of touring and Matt on what really matters

3. Gas Huffer – Road Runnah

* Don on the suspended animation of creativity

4. Gas Huffer – Over the Side

* Tom on the honesty of people outside of Seattle

5. Gas Huffer – Matt’s Mood

* What was the Gas Huffer pre-show ritual like? Where did they get their energy? Matt the Hummingbird provides some insight

6. Gas Huffer – Is that for Me?

7. Gas Huffer – Chicken Foot

* GH on song writing process

8. Gas Huffer – Insidious

9. Gas Huffer – Ghost in the Lighthouse

* Don talks about his favorite album and song

10. Gas Huffer – Crooked Bird

* Matt talks about his favorite albums and tracks

11. Gas Huffer – All Natural

12. Gas Huffer – Beware of Viking

* Joe criticises critics & mentions his favorite albums and tracks. Then as Tom shares his favorites, all GH members analyze the Gas Huffer sound

13. Gas Huffer – Love Comes Creeping

* GH on their alias – The Del Lagunas

14. The Del Lagunas – Time Travel!

15. The Del Lagunas – Shadow

* GH on The Kings of Rock, Hai Karate and the new Tom Price Desert Classic

16. Gas Huffer – Smile No More

* GH on the possibility of their kids following in their musical footsteps

17. Gas Huffer – Dig That, Do That

* Regrets: GH’s had a few, but rare integrity has always been present in the GH family

18. Gas Huffer – You May Have Already Won

19. Gas Huffer – Appendix Gone

* Goodbyes

20. Gas Huffer – Monument

21. Gas Huffer – Third Party Man

22. Gas Huffer – Stay in Your House

23. Gas Huffer – Jesus was my Only Friend

24. Gas Huffer – Hacked

25. Gas Huffer – Easter Grass

Regardless of the unbelievably humorous and insightful interview content, which you all know I’ve enjoyed like no other, I also had a great time editing this show. You can’t lose with such amazing music.

We hope you’ll keep following the band members’ endeavors, as we will, with The Tom Price Desert Classic and Wrong Dots.

Huge thanks to Oded Harel for his help!!


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