While I do prefer collaborative song-writing in a practice room, I’ve never been much of a confident musician as far as improvisation goes. Playing bass/drums/guitar adequately only sounds great when you have some other musician to challenge you and help you bring out something that you’d never even known was in you in the first place.

Last week I was invited by Ido Schacham, the best Israeli music blogger/critic/fan around, to take part in his third annual improvisational escapade. This is the third year Ido invites favored musicians into a practice room and records the outcome. One of the past attempts included 5 guitarists, as I recall, which was pretty spiffy. The other one, having a band, had kind of a funky outcome.

The other 4 musicians who took part in this space jam were: Liron Erel (guitar), Ami Shalev (synth), Renan Sulchiner (drums), and Ido Schacham (guitar, 10 minutes of bass). Daniel Strosberg of Keoss Studios engineered this jam and I played bass (and 10 mins of guitar. The outcome of this session is a lot… louder and intense than the previous ones (for better or worse).

I think I may be slightly at fault for steering the jam in the heavy direction (that being the area I’m more comfortable in), but overall I believe all 5 were happy with a lot of parts in the recording. At the end of the session I asked Ido why not just schedule these jams somewhere onstage. I mean, as a music nerd, I’d definitely be interested in listening to something as crazy as what came out.

From what I understand, there will be such a performance in September, and if you dig what you have here, you should definitely check it out.


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