Vacation’s Over: Back to Work

August was an insane month in Israel. Protest and demonstrations about proper housing, proper doctors’ salaries, proper food prices, etc. The “etc.” actually represents hundreds of things wrong in this country. I have to be the bad guy here and say I don’t believe there’ll actually be a change, as the general population here comprises of millions “know-it-alls” and no leaders to make this proper change (or any change at all, for that matter). And sure, you may include me as a know-it-all too if you must.

It doesn’t really feel like I had any vacation at all. There were so many things I had to take care of, and still so many left. Despite these headaches, my wife managed to surprise me with another amazing pedal: the EHX Micro Synth. I was sure I’m done with new pedals (it’s becoming too addictive), but she got me something with a truly unique sound.

Just as the Israeli school system, The Jekyll and Hyde show went on vacation as did this website/blog. Today we’re back in “business” and it feels good to be back. Along with an accumulated pile of amazing new music we’ll be playing in the upcoming shows, we’ve also got some special guests planned (who shall remain nameless at the moment). Oded and I discussed some renovations to the show, which are still in progress, but it’s probably about time that we push the envelope a bit further.

The Israeli (Jewish) new year’s coming up. Resolution? Most important, that none of my family will come back to Petach Tikva once our contract’s over. There’re numerous jokes about PT being the most ridiculous city in Israel. Now that I’ve lived here, I can tell you they’re all true.


One thought on “Vacation’s Over: Back to Work

  1. Well, as many have send there has been a change of awareness and a change of attitude about things. It’s true there isn’t some hot shot leader to bring it into play right now, but the ground is firm for one to grow or for some already known people to step up. The protest leaders though are doing a good job so far of not forgetting about it and biting at the authority’s heel like some kind of rabid dog. I like that. And EHX rule, mazal tov on the pedal! Looking forward to hearing it in action.

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