The Blues is Number One: Jon Spencer of JSBX on Jekyll and Hyde

Last night we hosted our old friend, Roy Ben Artzi of the late great Radiogram/Blueberries, and currently of Tiger Love.

We had a great time catching up, hearing some of his recent tour stories (all in Hebrew) and playing great music, as always. You can listen to the show with Roy by clicking HERE.

As some know, one of my projects, The Black Spencers (with Roy Ben Artzi, currently on hiatus), started out as a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Black Keys tribute in 2007. These two bands greatly inspired the sound of the Spencers, which ended up writing 8 amazing songs. Hopefully one day we’ll release the gems we recorded.

The first time I heard of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion was in 1997, when the great vivaII channel aired a “best of 1997” special, hosted by no other than the Melvins (in the back of their tour van). I remember discovering quite a lot of my favorite artists that night, but I vividly remember the amazing music video/music of the JSBX with Wail. I only recently found out that the video was directed by Weird Al Yankovic, which explains Russell Simins’ third sandwich-arm.

With Roy, Oded Fluss and I interviewed Jon Spencer, a true rock n roll icon. The entire interview will air on the upcoming Saturday (July 17 2011).

Jekyll and Hyde is clearly not a politics-oriented radio show, but it was inevitable to ask about 9/11 ten years after this tragedy had occured. Jon Spencer has lived in New York for so long and so much of the energy in his songs comes out when he mentions New York City that I was intrigued to know his experience of it. Here’s a taste of next week’s show:

Listen to Saturday’s show (September 17th, and not July 17th as erroneously mentioned in the video) to find out more about the Blues Explosion’s upcoming album – first in 8 years – as well as insight into this talented man’s life.


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