Latest Stash of Records

I rarely buy CD’s anymore, but this one’s been postponed for way too long (constantly hoping it’d be released on vinyl, like the rest of their amazing albums).

The 2nd LP by one of the past decade’s best bands. What would the spawn of Melvins and Sunny Day Real Estate sound like?

Recent interviewee of ours is re-releasing remastered versions of his albums for bargain prices. Not just that, but JSBX recorded an amazing version of “Black Betty”. The early release of this single, a split 7″ with the Melvins sold out quickly and now goes up for x10 the original price, so why not buy the signed, solo Explosion version with “No Reservations” on the flipside?

Dave Grohl/John Paul Jones/Josh Homme, with Alain Johannes behind the board.

Stereolab’s singer visited Israel not long ago for an intimate solo show at Levontin 7.

Wonderful Christmas songs by some of my favorite musicians. And just look at the artwork…


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