Greg Werckman of Ipecac Recordings on Jekyll and Hyde

A couple of our interview specials disappeared on me and now are finally uploaded to the online archive.

I’ll start with Greg Werckman, who heads 50% of Ipecac Recordings alongside Mike Patton. Oded and I interviewed him a while ago, and the feedback from the listeners was great, obviously, as there are so many fans of his work and support all over the world.
Not enough info is available on this musical powerhouse of a man. His label comprises a significant percentage of the music we’ve played on our show throughout the years, and the quality of the music has yet to be diminished. Not just that, but it’s nice to know he loves his job as much as you’d expect him to.

Listen to the interview HERE.

Greg Werckman and Patton

Edited by Oded Fluss.

Ipecac Recordings


2 thoughts on “Greg Werckman of Ipecac Recordings on Jekyll and Hyde

  1. Hey, have you ever heard of Greg Werckman’s projects he did with Hunter S. Thompson? Word on the street is that they’re snuff films and/or child abuse, similar to several of Mike Patton’s projects. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t tolerate that kind of thing.

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