Mark Lanegan: New Album in Feb. 2012

According to 4AD:

“Blues Funeral is the new Mark Lanegan Band record, the first since 2004’s Bubblegum. It was recorded in Hollywood, California by Alain Johannes at his 11ad studio. The music was played by Johannes and Jack Irons with appearances from Greg Dulli, Josh Homme et al. ”

Mark Lanegan Band - Blues Funeral

We were happy to hear from Mr Alain Johannes in June that he’s working with Lanegan on his new album, though I haven’t listened to Lanegan in a long time. I’ve followed Lanegan’s music from Screaming Trees but the last show he had in Israel was definitely the worst show I’ve ever seen. I can’t say it was his fault at all (terribly crowded, bad amplification where you’d hear people around you but not the singer), but it was still the only show I ever left before it ended. It’s a shame because when I’d seen him with Dulli the previous times I had an amazing time.

Regardless, his albums are never a let-down. I managed to get my hands on a few solo LPs before the Lanegan craze started (due his collaborations with Isobel Campbell, previously of Belle & Sebastian). According to the title of the upcoming album, one can only guess it’ll be a turn back to his more intimate, bluesy records, but I hope there are also some leftovers from the dirty rock n’ roll that is Bubblegum.

Lanegan will also be touring various places in Europe. One can only hope that if he does choose to perform in Israel, he doesn’t perform at the Zappa club where his acoustic show took place.


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