Mark Yarm (author of Everybody Loves Our Town) on Jekyll and Hyde

Mark Yarm, author of Everybody Loves Our Town on Jekyll and Hyde.

Mark Yarm

Oded and I talked to Yarm about his first book. Three years in the making, Everybody Loves Our Town is compiled of interviews with over 250 interviewees of Seattle’s grunge era. Needless to say, we found the book extremely exciting as a concept, and were overjoyed to find that the outcome is filled with new information and insight into one of our generations greatest musical periods. Yarm’s book is truly a pageturner in that it contains carefully detailed recollections of many of our (and your) favorite artists in a story-like, coherent manner.

I first heard about this book from Matt Wright of Gas Huffer, shortly after we interviewed them. Being a fan of musical autobiographies in particular, this book intrigued me in its promise to supply elaborate information about the artists who created a musical monument in the 80/90’s, and Yarm did not disappoint. I strongly recommend you read through Everybody Loves Our Town to rediscover, rekindle and re-experience the explosive sound of Seattle through its wonderful people.

Everybody Loves Our Town

Listen to the entire show HERE.

Mark Yarm Intro
1‭. ‬Screaming Trees‭ – ‬All I know
Oded and Oren Hebre intro
2‭. ‬Soundgarden‭ – ‬Beyond The Wheel
Yarm on on other books with similar style and where the idea for Everybody Loves Our Town came from
3‭. ‬Green River‭ – ‬Hangin‭’ ‬Tree
4‭. ‬Tad‭ – ‬Sex God
Yarm on his real-time grunge experience
5‭. ‬Nirvana‭ – ‬Smells Like Teen Spirit
6‭. ‬Alice In Chains‭ – ‬Them Bones
Yarm on the inability to reach Pearl Jam and PJ20
7‭. ‬Pearl Jam‭ – ‬Porch
Yarm on the movie Singles
8‭. ‬Mother Love Bone‭ – ‬Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns
Yarm on the movie Hype
9‭. ‬The Gits‭ – ‬Second Skin‭ (‬live‭)‬
10‭. ‬7‭ ‬Year Bitch‭ – ‬Knot
Yarm on the amount of interviews conducted and contrasting versions of the same stories
11‭. ‬U-Men‭ – ‬They
12‭. ‬Melvins‭ – ‬Revolve
Yarm on Courtney Love during her interviews
13‭. ‬Hole‭ – ‬Retard Girl
14‭. ‬Mudhoney‭ – ‬Touch Me I’m Sick
Yarm on the Seattle tradition of fictional truths
15‭. ‬The Supersuckers‭ – ‬I Say Fuck
Yarm on the definitive grunge band
16‭. ‬Mudhoney‭ – ‬The Lucky Ones
Yarm’s future plans
17‭. ‬The Fluid‭ – ‬Is It Day I’m Seeing
18‭. ‬Fastbacks‭ – ‬On The Wall
19‭. ‬Gruntruck‭ – ‬Crazy Love
20‭. ‬Temple of the Dog‭ – ‬Hunger Strike
21‭. ‬Gas Huffer‭ – ‬Kingdom of the Sun

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