What’s Been Going On

I’ve taken quite a few sporadic breaks in updating the website, but believe you me – I do keep myself busy for the most parts in these times.

So what have I been up to?

My wife and I are expecting our first baby. Another Siegel, who knew? We recently completed a 5-meeting prep course for birth with good friends of ours who are also expecting. We’re now in the 40th week (the projected due date for you ignoramuses) and are extremely excited. We have most of what we need, plus we’re doing quite a bit of reading and asking in hopes of being better prepared for such a life-changing experience. The funny thing is up until a few years ago, I never got it: the excitement behind having a baby, the fun that it entails along with inevitable exhaustion. But now, I can’t help but smile every time I think about it.


Snaganubbin is on a bit of a hiatus due to Ron’s new solo album and my being frustrated with our last recordings. But some of those songs will be released (hopefully mixed by Ron Minis, once he believes in himself as much as I do) and you can bet that even better ones will be recorded in 2012 (along with infamous crazy shows). On a side note, I have been writing new music for the snag duo and do have high hopes for it.

I recently joined another group of talented musicians currently named Man25, whom snaganubbin wished to perform with a while back. Songs are being written and spirits are high. The new dabbled material is very different from the band’s early releases, so if you’re an old fan – sorry.

Due to my wife’s impatience of learning one instrument at a time, we circulate the use of guitar/bass/drums/melodyhorn/harmonica every once in a while. This is great as I learn/relearn quite a few tricks which unexpectedly I was able to use in new acoustic demos.

Jekyll and Hyde are going through somewhat of a renovation process. We’re thinking of expanding the interview spectrum to unexplored regions and go at it full speed. Also, we’re recently went past 50,000 listeners. It’s kind of amazing that we still enjoy doing this thing just as much as we did in the early days, and with absolutely no regrets and no compromises (unlike most media hosts). We’ve also recently crossed another interviewee boundary, including the scope of authors (Yarm and soon Bebergal). Also, stay tuned for this Saturday’s interview with no other than Joey Cape of Lagwagon/Gimme Gimmes/Bad Astronaut/Scorpios.

Regarding the annual music recap, Fluss and I are currently going over 2011’s best musical releases. They will air in the last couple of weeks of December, so you have about two weeks to recommend unknown gems to us via email (snaganubbin at gmail dot com).

In addition, there’s also a graphic project in the works, which I can’t say too much about, but I am really looking forward to this one working out…

books & sticks


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