I’m a dad!

On 9/12/2011 Natalie gave birth to our first child – Taylor Dov Siegel.

We just came back home yesterday and are pretty preoccupied with excitement…

So far we’ve introduced him to the kittens, while Zoe will get to see him on Saturday. He’s big and lazy, and loves the Cramps, Gas Huffer, Album Leaf and Zorn’s Dreamers.

Regarding Jekyll and Hyde, I hope you enjoyed the Joey Cape interview last Saturday. This Saturday you’ll be able to listen to an interview with Peter Bebergal regarding his book, “Too Much to Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood.”

Then, on the 24th, Oded Fluss will present his top musical choices for 2011, while I’ll present mine on December 31st – a great way to end an amazing year.

You have about a week left to send me more suggestions and recommendations for top music in 2011. (I love some of the suggestions I’ve gotten thus far). Email me at snaganubbin at gmail dot com


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