Joey Cape on Jekyll and Hyde

Joey Cape interviewed on Jekyll and Hyde

This show aired on December 10, while I was still at the hospital. Having a couple of weeks off work to help take care of our kid hasn’t helped me update the website or work on other things, so this update is a week behind. Nonetheless, the show came out great and I personally really enjoyed talking to Joey, a person who has such a dichotomous musical range, holding a lot of personal favorites. Regarding the “best of 2011”, you know which track will make my list.

Joey Cape - Doesn't Play Well With Others

In case I haven’t made myself clear regarding this man’s musical history, I’m talking of course about Mr Joey Cape of Lagwagon/Bad Astronaut/Me First and the Gimme Gimmes/Scorpios.

Listen to the show HERE.


Joey Cape intro
1‭. ‬Joey Cape‭ – ‬Okay
Oren and Oded Hebrew intro
2‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Raise A Family
Joey on early music favorites
3‭. ‬The Beatles‭ – ‬Blackbird
4‭. ‬Black Sabbath‭ – ‬Into The Void
Joey on Lagwagon’s punk/metal classification
5‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Truth and Justice
Joey on touring with metal bands
6‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Beer Goggles
Joey on good shows
7‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Sleep
Joey on bad shows
8‭. ‬Joey Cape’s Bad Loud‭ – ‬Who We’ve Become
Joey on his varied genres and confused crowd reaction
9‭. ‬Joey Cape‭ – ‬A Song For The Missing
10‭. ‬Joey Cape‭ – ‬Canoe
Joey on the Lagwagon 2011‭ ‬reissues
11‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Coffee and Cigarettes
Joey on a song connection between Bad Astronaut’s‭ “‬Off The Wagon‭” ‬and Lagwagon‭’‬s‭ “‬May 16‭”‬
12‭. ‬Bad Astronaut‭ – ‬Off The Wagon
Joey on the change in attitude towards punk when being 20‭ ‬years older‭ + ‬change in song-writing process
13‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Heartbreaking Music
Joey talks about his latest solo album and online videos
14‭. ‬Joey Cape‭ – ‬It’s Always Sunny
Joey on mp3s versus physical albums and art versus salary
15‭. ‬Joey Cape‭ – ‬Angry Days
Joey on the track and video‭ “‬I Always Knew This Was Going To End Badly‭”‬
16‭. ‬Joey Cape‭ – ‬I Always Knew This Was Going To End Badly
Joey on covering songs and The Eagles‭’ ‬reaction to the Gimme Gimmes version of Desperado
17‭. ‬Me First and the Gimme Gimmes‭ – ‬Desperado
18‭. ‬Me First and the Gimme Gimmes‭ – ‬Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
Joey on future plans to come to Israel
19‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Today
20‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Want
Joey‭, ‬Oren and Oded‭: ‬Goodbyes
21‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Mr‭. ‬Coffee
22‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Sick
23‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Sad Astronaut
24‭. ‬Lagwagon‭ – ‬Goin‭’ ‬South
25‭. ‬Joey Cape‭ – ‬Montreal

and don’t forget to buy Joey’s beautiful album at his site:

Joey Cape


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