Best of 2011: Part 1 of 2 – Oded Fluss’s Picks

Well, another year will soon end. I gotta say, 2011 was pretty amazing. Before I digress (as I tend to do), let’s focus on the spectacular music that came out this year. Along with the interesting interviews conducted, we’ve played numerous tracks by great artists this year on the Jekyll and Hyde Show. So many, in fact, that we’ve decided to split the Top Choices for 2011 to 2 shows, chosen separately by Oded Fluss and myself.

So without further blabbering, here are Fluss’s picks and explanations (aired Saturday, December 24 2011):

Listen to the tracks HERE
20 – Boris – Attention Please
Whatta hell happened to Boris this year? first they release not one but three full lengths albums. then they name one of these albums “Heavy Rocks” which shares the same name (and cover art) with their 2002’s awesome album (Heavy Rocks) and last but certainly not least, they don’t seem to deliver. One would expect after the genius 2008 “Smile” to be Wowed again. but 2011 was not a good year for Boris who seem to have a set back in the wrong direction; releasing 3 albums in one year, not one reaching the worst of their previous releases, which makes one really wonder if it wasn’t done for financial reasons. (im deliberately ignoring the 2010 collaboration with Ian Astbury hoping it was a joke). Attention Please is not a bad track and it made it to the bottom of this list. hopefully next year the quality of Boris will rule and not just the quantity


19 – Magik Markers – Bonfire
I will never forget the time i saw Magik Markers in the Uganda some years ago. it was one of the best shows i have ever seen in my life musically and vocally. This track was featured in a tape release that the Magik Markers had self released this year. the tape itself is nothing in comparison to the 2009’s Balf Quarry but it still has some of the magikal qualities of their sound.

Magick Markers

18 – Yuksek – On a Train (Magician Remix)
Came across this track on one of my Russian blogs journeys. I have no idea who Yuksek is but this track is just pure fun and definitely one of my favorites to DJ with.

17 – Bjork – Virus
Really nice album of Bjork this year. I can say for sure that this track would’ve reached a higher place if i didn’t have a long time affair with this brilliant artist and came to expect more of her.


16 – Girls – Vomit
Owe this one , like so many, to Siegel. Played it in one of our shows and i was immediately hooked. reminds me a lot of the Elyisian Fields style we came so much to love in our show.


15 – Beastie Boys – Say It
Can’t say I’m really into the Beastie Boys for the last 15 years. i think Ill Communication was the last album i’ve really enjoyed. nevertheless I came across this album mostly because they featured it free on Youtube and it’s not bad at all. reminds me a lot of the old school Beastie Boys and this track i chose is one of my favs.

14 – Hell Shovel – Blow Holes and Q-Tips
One gem i found this year is Hell Shovel. a quite obscure band which makes a lot of effort to get some recognition.This marks the first time of my life for ever buying music digitally and it was worth it. I just love the sound on this track and search Youtube for the video, it’s pretty neat.

Hell Shovel

13 – Foo Fighters – White Limo
Siegel is probably happy with this pick, not just because its one of his favorite bands but also because he just loves to be right. i spoke down quite a lot about Foo Fighters this year, just hated the documentary and wasn’t that excited with the album. Still this is a great track (fits more to be a QOTSA track if u ask me), and if for watching Lemmy on a video i need to listen to the Foo Fighters, so be it.

12 – Primus – Hennepin Crawler
This album was not good at all, but this track just blew my mind. Love Claypol’s riff here, it really makes my butt move in all sorts of directions.

11 – Cake – Sick Of You
Cake is always a favorite of mine. i always find myself listening to them when im sick of everything else. This whole album is great and i specifically like this song.


10 – Earth – Descent to the Zenith
Earth – need i say more?

9 – Pre – Dead Pony
My Japanese noise bands fetish is still kicking with Pre. Just imagine my surprise when i realized they were British! this is a great in your face album with lots of cool tracks which were featured both by me and Siegel on the show.


8 – The You Are Mines – Having your Heart Broken Means Once Having had Somebody to Love
Don’t know a lot about The You Are Mines. its one of those bands that you just can’t remember where and when u got to know them. Still, this album is great in its simplicity and retro popness. Great if you need some background music for your thoughts.

7 – Battles – My Machines (Ft. Garry Numan)
Not as good as the previous amazing album but still Battles all the way.

6 – Women – Bullfight
It was terrible to hear about Women breaking up this year. Sounds like it was for a stupid reason as well, this is quite odd because musically there is nothing stupid about this Canadian band with two genius albums that ill never get tired of. Thank god they released this split 7 inch this year and gave us a last treat . I truly hope this wont be the last we hear from them.

5 – Retox – Piss Elegant
Justin Pearson is always a favorite on the Jekyll and Hyde show and there’s a good reason for that. Retox is all that you can expect from Justin who brought us All Leather , Some Girls, Locust and many more. This album kicks ass in its entirety , the only reason i chose this track is because it’s the longest. Keep up the good work Justin.


4 – Chad Vangaalen – Burning Photographs
My all time favorite Canadian solo artist (Sorry Celine Dion). Another amazing album and this track , with its Sonic Youth qualities, is just beautiful.

Chad Vangaalen

3 – Tom Waits – Talking at the Same Time
Tom Waits new album…..WoW

2 – Doomsday Student – The Unborn Chant
Doomsday student is Eric Paul and 3 other members of my all time favorite band Arab on Radar. You just can’t go wrong here. Amazing album which everyone should buy.

Domsday Student

1 – The Black Keys – Sister
I know it’s mainstream and all but this album is just plain perfect. The Black Keys never Wowed me like they did with El Camino, an album that everyone can love and it’s not that crap that everyone loves. Siegel told me about this band for a few years now but only now do i realize how fucking good these guys are. This track is both genius and fun two qualities that The Jekyll and Hyde Show salute to.

Listen to the tracks HERE


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