Melvins Lite to release an album in 2012

In 2005 Trevor Dunn filled in for basist Kevin Rutmanis on the Melvins’ live version of Houdini. When we spoke to Trevor about it years ago he was overjoyed from the experience and it seemed like he could do it again if they’d just ask him to. Sure enough, last year he joined the Melvins yet again for a short tour tagged “Melvins Lite”.

Freak Puke

As far as I understand, the 4-player version of the Melvins is still present, but the Lite version inspired the trio to do an album together. The Melvins Lite will release “Freak Puke” on June 5 2012 on Ipecac records, and if you hit play button below, you’d think Melvins was meant to have upright bass since its inception. Let’s hope there’ll also be 12″ version of this one.


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