Jimmy Lavalle (The Album Leaf) on Jekyll and Hyde

Jimmy Lavalle on Jekyll and Hyde

I interviewed Jimmy Lavalle in July 2011, and slightly re-edited the show after it aired. I’m glad to say it’s now on the archive. This one took us a long time to schedule, and Jimmy’s a really deep, creative guy. It was a pleasure to go in depth into the life behind the beautiful soundscapes he creates.

Jimmy Lavalle on Jekyll and Hyde

Jimmy Lavalle (The Album Leaf) on Jekyll and Hyde

Jimmy Lavalle intro
1. The Album Leaf – Brennivin
Hebrew Intro
2. The Album Leaf – Within Dreams
Jimmy on the change in working on A Chorus of Storytellers
3. The Album Leaf – We Are
Jimmy on Storytellers as a collaborative effort
4. The Album Leaf – There is a Wind
Jimmy on the 1927 Sunrise Soundtrack and its connection to Storytellers
5. The Album Leaf – Twenty Two Fourteen
Jimmy Lavalle on the possibility of working on future film-music + live show visuals
6. The Album Leaf – Blank Pages
Jimmy on the shift from his early hardcore days to the mellow Album Leaf
7. Drive Like Jehu – Golden Brown
8. Swing Kids – Blue Note
Jimmy on the Swing Kids/Blue Note reunion and new material
9. Swing Kids – Forty Three Seconds
Jimmy on early music-writing
10. The Album Leaf – Wander
Jimmy on different sidejobs and scams in his past (including telemarketing position with Bobby Bray)
11. The Album Leaf – Thule
Where does Jimmy LaValle see himself in 20 years?
12. The Album Leaf – Always For You
Jimmy LaValle on listening to other artists (Tune Yards?) and collaborating on music
13. The Album Leaf – Streamside
Jimmy LaValle on appearing on Portishead-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival
14. Portishead – Wandering Star
Jimmy on the key factors for his success
15. The Album Leaf – Almost There
Jimmy LaValle on the future of Album Leaf, emailing tracks back and forth to the bandmates + the breaking up of his previous band
16. The Album Leaf – One Minute
17. The Album Leaf – Tied Knots


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