The Princess Chelsea interview on Jekyll and Hyde – now on the archive


Princess Chelsea on Jekyll and Hyde
As I’ve mentioned many times before‭, ‬Princess Chelsea’s Lil‭’ ‬Golden Book is THE Jekyll album to get from the past year‭. ‬The fairy-tale like atmosphere will engulf you and pull you in with its numerous hooks and witty lyrics‭.‬
Chelsea Nikkel‭, ‬the mastermind behind this project‭, ‬shared with us stories about Jonathan Bree‭, ‬the success of the youtube video‭, ‬touring‭, ‬vinyl LPs and how much she misses her cat‭.‬
We’d have gladly played the entire album‭, ‬but instead urge you to buy a copy‭. ‬It’s truly a perfect album in its own right‭. ‬If you want to get your hands on a physical copy of‭ “‬Positive Guy‭”, ‬there are only a few left for sale on Lil‭’ ‬Chief Records‭’ ‬website‭.‬
Ladies and gentlemen‭ – ‬Princess Chelsea‭!‬

Listen to the show HERE.

The Playlist:
Chelsea Nikkel Intro
1‭. ‬Machines of Loving Grace
Hebrew Intro
2‭. ‬The Brunettes‭ – ‬Red Rollerskates
3‭. ‬Princess Chelsea‭ – ‬Too Fast To Live
Chelsea Nikkel on her musical collaborations prior to Princess Chelsea and what led to her solo career
4‭. ‬The Brunettes‭ – ‬Paper Dolls
Chelsea on the concept and narrative style behind Lil‭’ ‬Golden Book‭, ‬and the first song she’d written
5‭. ‬Princess Chelsea‭ – ‬Monkey Eats Bananas
Chelsea on The Cigarette Duet song and video
6‭. ‬Princess Chelsea‭ – ‬The Cigarette Duet
Chelsea on the Overseas
7‭. ‬Princess Chelsea‭ – ‬Overseas
Chelsea on the story behind Positive Guy Meets Negative Man
8‭. ‬Princess Chelsea‭ – ‬Positive Guy Meets Negative Man
Chelsea on the connection between NZ pop-singer Yulia and the same-titled Princess Chelsea track
9‭. ‬Princess Chelsea‭ – ‬Yulia
Chelsea on the planned covers EP‭, ‬ranging from pop to black metal
10‭. ‬White Town‭ – ‬Your Woman
11‭. ‬Nirvana‭ – ‬About A Girl
Chelsea on record collecting and New Zealand’s extinct vinyl LP industry
12‭. ‬The Kinks‭ – ‬Afternoon Tea
13‭. ‬Princess Chelsea‭ – ‬Caution Repetetive
Ace of Base‭ + ‬Pink Floyd‭ = ‬Princess Chelsea‭???‬
14‭. ‬Ace of Base‭ – ‬All That She Wants
15‭. ‬Rasputina‭ – ‬Wish You Were Here
Chelsea on memories from the latest European tour and things she misses most when being away from home
16‭. ‬The Brunettes‭ – ‬Stereo‭ (‬mono mono‭)‬
Chelsea on future plans‭. ‬She’s very humble about her music‭, ‬it’s amusing she’s so hard on herself and her music‭, ‬but terrific she’s demanding more of herself for the next album‭.‬
17‭. ‬Princess Chelsea‭ – ‬Goodnight Little Robot Child
18‭. ‬Sunn o‭))) – ‬Megszentsיgtelenםthetetlensיgeskedיseitekיrt‭ (‬dedicated to the dark direction in which Chelsea may take her project in the future‭)‬



Princess Chelsea’s facebook


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