Sylvain Sylvain’s interview on the Jekyll and Hyde show 21.7.2012




This took a bit longer to be uploaded due to‭, ‬mainly‭, ‬having an utmost respect for Mr‭. ‬Sylvain‭.‬
While the radio show’s format permits us 1‭ ‬hour and 55‭ ‬minutes maximum‭, ‬Sylvain’s stories were so detailed and fascinating that I decided to re-edit the show for the archive to include as much Sylvain as possible‭.‬
So here’s the long‭, ‬long-edit version of the Sylvain special‭. ‬Like the radio-show version‭, ‬this includes an exclusive listen to Sylvain’s new track‭, “‬Leaving New York‭”, ‬but contains less music‭, ‬and more Sylvain‭.‬
Enjoy‭, ‬and don’t forget to follow Sylvain’s updates on Facebook‭., as well as on the New York Dolls’ page.


New York Dolls

New York Dolls


1st Part‭ – ‬click HERE to listen
Sylvain Intro
1‭. ‬New York Dolls‭ – ‬Personality Crisis
Hebrew Jekyll and Hyde Intro
2‭. ‬New York Dolls‭ – ‬Looking for a Kiss‭ (‬live 2012‭, ‬from Live From The Bowery‭)‬
Sylvain on his radio show and his favorite music to DJ
3‭. ‬The Shangri-Las‭ – ‬Leader of the Pack
4‭. ‬T-Rex‭ – ‬Get It On
Sylvain on early life in Egypt and connection to Israel‭, ‬move to France/USA‭, ‬and getting into the music world
5‭. ‬New York Dolls‭ – ‬Puss n’Boots
Sylvain on early compositions‭, ‬being self-taught
6‭. ‬The Ventures‭ – ‬Walk Don’t Run
Sylvain on early days in the music industry
7‭. ‬New York Dolls‭ – ‬Lonely Planet Boy
Sylvain on his involvement in the fashion world and association with Vivianne Westwood/Malcolm MacLaren‭.‬
Sylvain on the demise of the New York Dolls‭, ‬almost joining the Sex Pistols‭, ‬and how his guitar ended up with Steve Jones of the Pistols
8‭. ‬Sex Pistols‭ – ‬God Save The Queen




2nd Part‭ – ‬click HERE to listen
1‭. ‬New York Dolls‭ – ‬Bad Girl‭ (‬live 2004‭)‬
Sylvain on the the crowd’s love/hate relationship‭, ‬early performances and rock club visits‭, ‬Melody Maker exposure‭, ‬
2‭. ‬New York Dolls‭ – ‬Jet Boy
Sylvain on solo music‭, ‬producing other musicians‭, ‬recently working with Eddie Arnold at Studio B in Nashville and advice for aspiring musicians
3‭. ‬Sylvain Sylvain‭ – ‬Leaving New York‭ (‬2012‭)‬
Sylvain on his dislikea for the New York Dolls’ albums since its reformation‭, ‬turmoil and loss of band members‭. ‬Sylvain discusses David Johansen unfair expectations from band members for materials while not coming prepared‭. (‬1:32-1:35‭)‬
4‭. ‬New York Dolls‭ – ‬Cause I Sez So
Sylvain on his affection for the third album since the reunion‭, ‬Walking Backward
5‭. ‬New York Dolls‭ – ‬Talk to me Baby
Sylvain on the NYD’s performance in Israel a few years back‭, ‬coming back‭, ‬facebook updates
6‭. ‬New York Dolls‭ – ‬Human Being‭ (‬live 2004‭)‬

New York Dolls' debut

New York Dolls’ debut



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