Keith Morris of OFF! interviewed on Jekyll and Hyde – listen now!

Keith Morris

Keith Morris


Keith Morris is the lead singer of a band that has reignited the passion I’ve felt for hardcore since I was a teenager‭.‬
Though Mr Morris prefers to avoid the term‭ “‬supergroup‭”, ‬let me just add that all members of the band have a super-resume‭e, ‬which includes Black Flag‭, ‬Circle Jerks‭, ‬Rocket from the Crypt‭, ‬Redd Kross‭, ‬and Burning Brides among others‭.‬
Though the lyrics are political‭, ‬make no mistake about it‭ – ‬OFF‭!’‬s music and energy suits every mood‭, ‬every day‭.‬
With only 1‭ ‬LP‭, ‬4‭ ‬EP’s and a few singles out there‭, ‬the band’s made a huge name for itself through the 3‭ ‬years of its existence‭, ‬and we at Jekyll and Hyde were lucky enough to get some insight from Keith Morris about the group‭.‬
While at first impression he appears intimidating‭ (‬and I’m not just talking about the heavy resume‭?), ‬Keith reveals a humorous‭, ‬positive attitude about his work ethic and life in general‭.‬
We spoke briefly about the song‭ “‬Killing Away‭” (‬into the promised land‭), ‬and I hope he and the band will live up to the promise that they’d perform near the wall if possible‭. ‬I know I’d be there‭, ‬as many of our listeners surely will‭.‬






Listen to pat 1 of the interview HERE
Keith Morris intro
1‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Jet Black Girls
Keith on maximizing productivity as a band‭, ‬due to their limited time‭, ‬fatherhood-duties‭, ‬and other bands‭. ‬Being a vocalist for 33‭ ‬years‭, ‬and enjoying the success of OFF‭!‬
2‭. ‬Black Flag‭ – ‬Wasted
3‭. ‬Circle Jerks‭ – ‬Live Fast Die Young
Keith on their latest European tour
4‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬I Don’t Belong
5‭. ‬Redd Cross‭ – ‬White Trash
Keith on what he and the other members do in the downtime
6‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Wiped Out
7‭. ‬Hot Snakes‭ – ‬Hi-Lites
So far Keith appeared like a positive‭, ‬happy guy‭, ‬which clashes with the attitude he presents in OFF‭!. ‬Keith shares his inspiration for the mood behind the music‭ (‬rock music‭, ‬local racism‭, ‬and lots of ice-coffee‭) ‬and daily writing routine with Dimitri
8‭. ‬Sparks‭ – ‬This Town Ain’t Big Enough
9‭. ‬Turbonegro‭ – ‬Self Destruct
Keith on lyrics and‭ “‬Killing Away‭”‬
10‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Killing Away
11‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Panic Attack
12‭. ‬Burning Brides‭ – ‬Alternative Teenage Suicide
Keith on‭ “‬I Got News For You”and its connection to anyone who’s ever fucked with him‭ (‬including the Gregs‭)‬
13‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬I Got News For You
14‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬I Want One
Keith on cover songs
15‭. ‬Black Flag‭ – ‬Nervous Breakdown
16‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Upside Down
Keith on signing to Vice‭, ‬after almost signing to Epitaph/Anti‭. ‬Mr Brett’s first response to OFF‭!‬
17‭. ‬Circle Jerks‭ – ‬Sinking Ship
18‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Full of Shit
19‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Elimination



Listen to part 2 of the interview with Keith HERE
20‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬King Kong Brigade
21‭. ‬Burning Brides‭ – ‬Waring Street
Keith on the lackluster early marketing strategies and the advantages of VICE
22‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Darkness
Is Keith pleased with VICE‭?‬
23‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Feelings Are Meant To Be Hurt
Bands OFF‭! ‬toured with and enjoyed‭.
24‭. ‬Ceremony‭ – ‬Citizen
25‭. ‬No Age‭ – ‬Fever Dreaming
Keith on records he recently purchased
26‭. ‬Charlie Haden and Kenny Barron‭ – ‬You Don’t Know What Love Is
Keith on his his girlfriend’s‭ (‬Rachel Haden‭) ‬old band‭, ‬That Dog
27‭. ‬That Dog‭ – ‬He’s Kissing Christian
Keith on his radio show and the progress of his upcoming book‭ ‬
28‭. ‬Circle Jerks‭ – ‬I Just Want Some Skank
29‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Fuck People
I shared our baby’s affection for OFF‭!’‬s music with Keith‭, ‬and he explained what other comments about OFF‭! ‬he’s received‭.‬
30‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Borrow and Bomb
31‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Blast
32‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Vaporized
33‭. ‬OFF‭! – ‬Poison City
34‭. ‬Rocket From The Crypt‭ – ‬Venom Venom

OFF!'s first LP

OFF!’s first LP

Follow OFF! on their official webpage and facebook page!


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