Thomas Hazelmyer interviewed on Jekyll and Hyde

About an hour ago the first Jekyll and Hyde show aired on the Voice of Peace. In case you missed it – here is the interview with Thomas Hazelmyer. (or click on any of the pictures)

Thomas Hazelmyer

In mid-November 2012, while rockets were shot in our direction, I rang up Mr Thomas Hazelmyer, the owner and brainchild behind the legendary label – Amphetamine Reptile.

From the 80s to the 90s, workaholic Hazelmyer sought out to promote and support bands he loved and respected through a business venture. This started as a way to support the community he loved and was part of. Besides his own Halo of Flies, the label released music by the Cows, Melvins, Helmet, Hammerhead, the Thrown Ups, Surgery, Unsane, Boss Hog and many others.


The Label went through a radical transition in the 2000s and in recent years focuses on artistic, handmade editions of vinyl LPs. Besides dealing with AmRep, Hazemyer also revived, in a way, Halo of Flies, as H.O.F. If you thought this takes all of his time, think again. He also runs a popular, longstanding bar named Grumpy’s in Minneapolis and spends quality time with his wife, 2 children and dog.

Haze XXL with Gay Witch Abortion Clinic

Though Haze would be reluctant to admit it, he’s a terrific interviewee. I held on to this interview until I was accepted to the legendary Israeli radio station – The Voice of Peace, a station that operated pirate from the Mediterranean sea from the 70s to the 90s. I was excited that from now on I’ll be able to host all shows in English and still keep the Jekyll and Hyde format and concept. Thereby, I’d be able to play all types of genres and support all my favorite artists on a grander scale. (i.e.Gas Huffer are here to stay)

Enjoy the show, here’s the playlist:

Haze XXL intro
1‭. ‬Halo of Flies‭ – ‬No Time
Oren Siegel intro
2‭. ‬Hepa/Titus‭ – ‬Jesus Children
show cue
Haze talks about the transition period for Amphetamine Reptile in the lat 90‭’‬s‭, ‬early 2000‭’‬s‭.‬
Melvins specialty releases‭, ‬Billy Childish‭, ‬Destroy All Monsters
3‭. ‬Helmet‭ – ‬Bad Mood
Haze on releasing other artists besides Melvins
4‭. ‬Hammerhead‭ – ‬Resurrecto
Running a bar‭, ‬getting into linoleum cuts thanks to his daughter‭, ‬Recovering from a coma due to a Meningitis
5‭. ‬Haze XXL‭ – ‬Chromed Smoke
Retardism as an art movement
6‭. ‬Melvins 1983‭ – ‬Stump Farmer
Keeping up with the current art movement and creating art products‭, ‬rather than commercial product‭.‬
7‭. ‬Surgery‭ – ‬Action Candy
Stopping with Buzz Osbourne at junk shops and obtaining new ways of approaching art
Getting exciting about working in a music label again
8‭. ‬Melvins Lite‭ – ‬A Growing Disgust
The change in view of the AmRep business model
9‭. ‬Haze XXL ft‭. ‬Jon Spencer‭ – ‬Spunk
Lack of expected progress despite ease of access to art/information
10‭. ‬Black Flag‭ – ‬Nervous Breakdown
The Hazelmyer political‭ (‬non)view
11‭. ‬Halo of Flies‭ – ‬Headburn
Haze on his work with Dalek and the revival of H.O.F
12‭. ‬Haze XXL ft‭. ‬David Yow‭ – ‬Infestation of Buffalo
Hazel on reunions
13‭. ‬Motorhead‭ – ‬Rock Out
14‭. ‬The Stooges‭ – ‬I Wanna Be Your Dog
Hazelmyer on the upcoming Amphetamine Reptile documentary‭ – ‬The Color of Noise‭ ‬&‭ ‬the difference between radio and drunk TV interviews
15‭.  ‬Cows‭ – ‬Almost a God
Haze nearly bites my head off for confusing the army with the marine corps‭. ‬He continues with his experience in Seattle
16‭. ‬Soundgarden‭ – ‬Been Away Too Long
Hazelmyer on the one and only‭, ‬Tom Price of Gas Huffer/U-Men/Monkeywrench and Haze’s stint with the U-Men
17‭. ‬U-Men‭ – ‬Bad Little Woman
Favorite Haze records
18‭. ‬Husker Du‭ – ‬Whatever
Thomas on mp3‭ ‬vs‭. ‬vinyl lp‭ (‬or‭, ‬why Hazelmyer would be his own worst customer‭)‬
19‭. ‬MC5‭ – ‬Kick Out the Jams‭ (‬live‭)‬
Haze on the future‭, ‬and an ending with the best final statement on any Jekyll and Hyde show so far‭.‬
20. Mudhoney – Twenty Four
21. Melvins 1983 – Psyco Delic Haze

Click to hear the radio interview with Haze


Tune in next week for a “normal” first show with great music. More interviews coming soon!


5 thoughts on “Thomas Hazelmyer interviewed on Jekyll and Hyde

  1. Next time, ask Thomas why he goes on the Melvins forum, a forum he never contributes to, and bans people for saying they don’t care for the Bulls EP? Or ask him why he said he was thinking about deleting the Melvins forum? Or ask him why there’s so many spelling errors on his releases?

  2. Hey Mason. No reason to be bitter. From the short interview you may notice that he’s been friends with the Melvins for 25 years. He strikes me as a good friend at that, so if someone talks trash about them (on his or their own website specifically) why shouldn’t he ban them?

    Take it easy,


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