Trimmed Site + Being Away

Yes, I’ve been away for a few months.

I quit the radio station 6 months into my move there. Quitting the Voice of Peace was probably one of the best things I have done all year. I loved the fact I was putting music and interviewing people there that would probably make the granddaddy of hippie broadcasters roll in his grave, but dealing with the people who run that place was more trouble than it’s worth. It’s amazing such a short time and little correspondence with those people left such a bad taste, but I suppose that’s what happens when you deal with certain types of people.

I make use of my downtime in other ways, which, hopefully, could be shared here in a few months.

I’m also deleting quite a lot of past posts which I now view as too “bloggy”. More trimming will be done in the next couple of days with the hopes of making this a more coherent (albeit small) site.


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