On the Jekyll and Hyde Show we try to shed a light on the best music we can find.
Every Monday from 22:00 to 00:00 for the past few years, Oded Fluss and I have been playing music of various genres and concepts. New and old music, noisy and relaxed, the aim was to support the artists we respect.

Every once in a while, we are able to host/interview an artist for a special 2-hour program. Each and every one of the artists we’ve interviewed is someone you should familiarize yourself with. We are not told whom we should interview, but rather work hard to contact the ones we are interested in interviewing.

While you may listen to all the past archived regular shows here, I’ll post the interviews we’ve conducted thus far below. I’m proud of the bulk of artists we’ve been fortunate enough to contact, and hope you’ll enjoy every one of them as much as I did.
These interviews were conducted by Oded Fluss, Natalie Siegel and myself.

Justin Trosper of Unwound/Survival Knife on Jekyll and Hyde

Justin Trosper

Justin Trosper

HERE is the link to the interview I did with Justin Trosper: frontman and visionary behind Unwound and Survival Knife.

The interview coincided with the first single Survival Knife released.

Follow Justin’s current, past and future on the Unwound Archive and Survival Knife’s Facebook.

Thomas Hazelmyer (AKA Haze XXL) on Jekyll and Hyde

Haze XXL

Haze XXL

In mid-November 2012, while rockets were shot in our direction, I rang up Mr Thomas Hazelmyer, the owner and brainchild behind the legendary label – Amphetamine Reptile.

From the 80s to the 90s, workaholic Hazelmyer sought out to promote and support bands he loved and respected through a business venture. This started as a way to support the community he loved and was part of. Besides his own Halo of Flies, the label released music by the Cows, Melvins, Helmet, Hammerhead, the Thrown Ups, Surgery, Unsane, Boss Hog and many others.

The Label went through a radical transition in the 2000s and in recent years focuses on artistic, handmade editions of vinyl LPs. Besides dealing with AmRep, Hazemyer also revived, in a way, Halo of Flies, as H.O.F. If you thought this takes all of his time, think again. He also runs a popular, longstanding bar named Grumpy’s in Minneapolis and spends quality time with his wife, 2 children and dog.

HERE’s the interview.


Keith Morris of OFF!/Circle Jerks/Black Flag on Jekyll and Hyde

Keith Morris

Keith Morris

Keith Morris is the lead singer of a band that has reignited the passion I’ve felt for hardcore since I was a teenager‭.‬
Though Mr Morris prefers to avoid the term‭ “‬supergroup‭”, ‬let me just add that all members of the band have a super-resume‭e, ‬which includes Black Flag‭, ‬Circle Jerks‭, ‬Rocket from the Crypt‭, ‬Redd Kross‭, ‬and Burning Brides among others‭.‬
Though the lyrics are political‭, ‬make no mistake about it‭ – ‬OFF‭!’‬s music and energy suits every mood‭, ‬every day‭.‬
With only 1‭ ‬LP‭, ‬4‭ ‬EP’s and a few singles out there‭, ‬the band’s made a huge name for itself through the 3‭ ‬years of its existence‭, ‬and we at Jekyll and Hyde were lucky enough to get some insight from Keith Morris about the group‭.‬
While at first impression he appears intimidating‭ (‬and I’m not just talking about the heavy resume‭?), ‬Keith reveals a humorous‭, ‬positive attitude about his work ethic and life in general‭.‬
We spoke briefly about the song‭ “‬Killing Away‭” (‬into the promised land‭), ‬and I hope he and the band will live up to the promise that they’d perform near the wall if possible‭. ‬I know I’d be there‭, ‬as many of our listeners surely will‭.‬

Part 1

Part 2

Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls on Jekyll and Hyde

Sylvain Sylvain

Sylvain Sylvain

Sylvain Sylvain of the legendary New York Dolls in a very honest and detailed interview. Hero of one of my all-time favorite records.

Part 1

Part 2


Princess Chelsea on Jekyll and Hyde

Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea

Chelsea Nikkel‭, ‬the mastermind behind Princess Chelsea‭, ‬shared with us stories about Jonathan Bree‭, ‬the success of the youtube video‭, ‬touring‭, ‬vinyl LPs and how much she misses her cat‭.‬
We’d have gladly played the entire album‭, ‬but instead urge you to buy a copy‭. ‬It’s truly a perfect album in its own right‭. ‬If you want to get your hands on a physical copy of‭ “‬Positive Guy‭”, ‬there are only a few left for sale on Lil‭’ ‬Chief Records‭’ ‬website‭.‬

Jimmy Lavalle of the Album Leaf on Jekyll and Hyde

Jimmy Lavalle

Jimmy Lavalle

Jimmy Lavalle on Jekyll and Hyde – This interview has been years of planning. Finally I was able to do this interview with Jimmy in July 2011. I’m a huge fan of the dichotomy of his work, wether it be Swing Kids/BlueNote/Crimson Curse or The Album Leaf. The Album Leaf in particular is on heavy rotation at our home for many years, and the latest “A Chorus of Storytellers” was nother step forward for Jimmy, as it was the first time he gave freedom of composition to his band. Though this later ended up unfortunately in recruiting new members, Chorus serves as another beautiful soundscape.

The Album Leaf official website

Joey Cape on Jekyll and Hyde

Joey Cape

Joey Cape on Jekyll and Hyde – My first encounter with Cape’s music was on the Fat Records’ comps with tracks of Lagwagon, of course. I was lucky enough to see them live in 98/99, and since continued to follow their/his musical evolution with further records and other projects (Bad Astronaut/Gimme Gimmes). However, it’s safe to say that of all his projects, it’s his latest solo record (Doesn’t Play Well With Others) that is my favorite Cape release.
Joey Cape’s official website

Mark Yarm on Jekyl and Hyde

Mark Yarm

Mark Yarm on Jekyl and Hyde – Three years in the making, Yarm’s book Everybody Loves Our Town is compiled of interviews with over 250 interviewees of Seattle’s grunge era. Needless to say, we found the book extremely exciting as a concept, and were overjoyed to find that the outcome is filled with new information and insight into one of our generations greatest musical periods. Yarm’s book is truly a pageturner in that it contains carefully detailed recollections of many of our (and your) favorite artists in a story-like, coherent manner. I first heard about this book from Matt Wright of Gas Huffer, shortly after we interviewed them. Being a fan of musical autobiographies in particular, this book intrigued me in its promise to supply elaborate information about the artists who created a musical monument in the 80/90′s, and Yarm did not disappoint. I strongly recommend you read through Everybody Loves Our Town to rediscover, rekindle and re-experience the explosive sound of Seattle through its wonderful people.

Greg Werckman on Jekyll and Hyde

Greg Werckman and Patton

Greg Werckman on Jekyll and Hyde – Werckman heads 50% of Ipecac Recordings alongside Mike Patton. Oded and I interviewed him a while ago, and the feedback from the listeners was great, obviously, as there are so many fans of his work and support all over the world.
Not enough info is available on this musical powerhouse of a man. His label comprises a significant percentage of the music we’ve played on our show throughout the years, and the quality of the music has yet to be diminished. Not just that, but it’s nice to know he loves his job as much as you’d expect him to.

Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion on Jekyll and Hyde

Jon Spencer with the Blues Explosion

Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion on Jekyll and Hyde – the man behind the bands Pussy Galore, Boss Hog, Heavy Trash and, of course, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion was gracious enough to spend some time with Jekyll and Hyde. Oded Fluss, Roy Ben Artzi and I talked to one of our idols about their reunion, upcoming music, family life, the attitude and the sound. My first encounter with Spencer’s music was sometime in 1997, watching music videos at night. Once I saw “wail”, I never looked back.

Gas Huffer

Gas Huffer on Jekyll and Hyde (Part 2 of 2)

Gas Huffer – I’d just like to say how wonderful it is that we’ve celebrated 4 years of broadcast by moving to a new time slot on Saturday night and airing an interview special with the band who we’ve tried to contact since the first show we ever made… The Second part is even funnier than the first, and has so many of my top favorite songs.
Tom Price/Don Blackstone/Matt Wright’s new band – The Tom Price Desert Classic

Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus on Jekyll and Hyde

Zola Jesus – This wonderfully creative and innovative young singer is one of the best things to come out in the 2000’s. She was quite modest and I’d say her personality clashes with the recognition she’s been getting recently. Listen patiently til the end of the show for a nugget of humor about alien-harassment.

Gas Huffer

Gas Huffer on Jekyll and Hyde (Part 1 of 2)

Gas Huffer – This is it. The moment we’ve been waiting for since J&H’s first inception.
We’ve managed to get our favorite band members back together for a collective phone interview 4 years after they called it quits.
Tom Price/Don Blackstone/Matt Wright’s new band – The Tom Price Desert Classic

Chilly Gonzales on Jekyll and Hyde


Chilly Gonzales


Chilly Gonzales – Sometime in 2005, Oded Harel, Omer Tayar and I went to the Givatayim Theatre for an unforgetttable event – Gonzales’ “Solo Piano” live. Gonzales (nowadays called Chilly Gonzales) is Jason Beck, a Canadian musical prodigy who, up to “Solo Piano” dabbled in pop, rap and electro music. He’s worked with Feist, Peaches and Jamie Lidell and collaborated with them on some of their more interesting tracks. In 2009 he broke the world record for the longest solo artist piano performance, and from the videos posted on the net, didn’t stop entertaining for a second.

Alain Johannes on Jekyll and Hyde
Alain Johannes – the man behind Eleven, pre-Chili Peppers What is This?, Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures (among numerous other projects) has finally put out his solo effort in 2010, “Spark”, and it is such an emotional and beautiful record. “Return to you” must be one of the decade’s best songs, and the entirety of this cigar-box guitar album is an instant classic. Hope he’ll release another album, even if we have to wait eons for it.

Alain Johannes


Eternal Gray in the studio with Jekyll and Hyde

Eternal Gray – at the studio, 3 members of this legendary Israeli metal band were present for a classic interview: Dory Bar-Or, Auria Sapir and Gil Ben-Ya’akov. We haven’t hosted an Israeli band in ages, and we couldn’t have picked a better one to be with us. The band hasfortold us their secret signing to Seasons of Mist beforehand, and we’re extremelet happy for them, as well as SOM to have such great people on their roster.

Eternal Gray

Eternal Gray

Dean Spunt of No Age on Jekyll and Hyde
Dean was a last minute interview, as we couldn’t reach Randy, but this was a lucky strike for us.
Not only did Dean tell us he hasn’t done an interview in a few years, he told his tour/band experiences with great humor. It was interesting to know his musical background as well as his art influences from home (shirt designs). He wants to come to Israel with No Age, so hopefully someone will pull the right strings to bring them here. website

Dean Spunt of No Age

Dean Spunt of No Age

Brian Cook of Russian Circles on Jekyll and Hyde.

Brian Cook – Brian’s an amazing bass player and has played with 3 great bands: Botch, These Arms Are Snakes and Russian Circles. The latter was suggested to us by Ben Verellen after the interview we did with him, and I started to listen to them frequently. Brian’s view on life as a musician is ideal, and he is way too modest about his contribution to the bands he’s played with. website

Brian Cook of Russian Circles

Brian Cook of Russian Circles

Stephen O’Malley co-hosts Jekyll and Hyde.

Stephen O’Malley – I wasn’t part of this interview that Oded conducted on his own. While I was at home with 40 deg. Celsius, Oded co-hosted the Jekyll and Hyde Show with Stephen at the station. This show came out truly fantastic, wish I had been there. website

Stephen O’Malley

Justin Pearson returns to Jekyll and Hyde.

Justin Pearson – It’s been 3 years since our first interview with Justin, and since that time he’s worked with All Leather, the Bloody Beetroots, reformed Swing Kids and put out a revealing autobiography. This workaholic never ceases to amaze me – I wonder when Pearson would put out something I wasn’t into. website

Justin Pearson

Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet on Jekyll and Hyde.

Dave Wyndorf – What surprised me most was Dave’s obsession with comic books, which I can totally relate to. His song writing process is interesting, to say the least, and I wish everyone had such a great story to tell regarding lyrics as he does. He’s just a funny guy, and has a great way of telling stories (hopefully he’d write an autobiography one day). Monster Magnet should obviously get much more recognition in the 2000’s than they do. This band is pure rock. website

Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet

Melora Creager of Rasputina on Jekyll and Hyde.

Rasputina – The first time I saw Rasputina was when they appearced on Conan’s show in the 90’s, and struck me as such an original act. It took me years to find their albums (prior to the internet boom) and I kept following them since. Melora Creager is an artist, in all aspects. website


Chris Goss of Masters of Reality and Goon Moon on Jekyll and Hyde.

Chris Goss – Besides being a legendary producer, Goss’s bands play some of the most fun music. Masters of Reality is classic rock, while Goon Moon is one of my favorite bands of the 2000’s. Listening to the interview, Goss sounds like such a great guy to just have a casual conversation with.He’s intelligent and has great insight about a lot of things. website

Chris Goss

Chris Goss

Gert Bettens of K’s Choice on Jekyll and Hyde.

Gert Bettens – K’s Choice is a band I listened to as a youngster and I still do when I drive. They have this great optimism and innocence in their music. Gert shared his stories behind song writing and the Israeli obsession with K’s Choice before their live show in Israel. website

Gert Bettens of K’s Choice

Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields and Lovage on Jekyll and Hyde.

Jennifer Charles – There aren’t nearly enough interviews with this electrifying voice and poetic lyrics. Jennifer is the singer for both Elysian Fields and the Lovage project. Natalie and I did this interview, and even listening to Jennifer speak could be a musical experience. website

Jennifer Charles

Jennifer Charles

Xiu Xiu on Jekyll and Hyde.

Xiu Xiu – This unique group was with Natalie and I at the studio a few hours before their show in Jerusalem. Even after all these years they Jamie appeared slightly nervous and excited. There’s a lot more humor to this person than one would think. website


Ben Verellen of Helms Alee and Harkonen on Jekyll and Hyde.

Ben Verellen – Ben’s played in one of the best bands/records ever made (Helms Alee) and builds the world’s best amplifiers. I swear, if you liste carefully you can hear Ben blushing every time we compliment him on his mind-blowing music. website

Helms Alee

Lemmy of Motorhead on Jekyll and Hyde.

Lemmy – If you don’t know why this man is a legend…. website




J Ryan of Six Finger Satellite on Jekyll and Hyde.

J Ryan – Six Finger Satellite stands out on the Sub Pop roster as a strange band, which says a lot in an alternative label. 6FS put out awesome albums and We were so excited they reunited in the late 00’s – and we’re happy to know their music is still as rocking as ever. There’s no DJ night we do without 6FS. website


Cody Votolato of Jaguar Love, Blood Brothers and Head Wound City on Jekyll and Hyde.

Cody Votolato – Cody’s new band Jaguar Love is a band we’ve been following since their demos surfaced. Cody’s also played with Blood Brothers, Head Wound City and Waxwing – all being spectacular bands, and his guitar work is very unique. He spoke about Jaguar Love’s change in sound from the first and second album as one of necessity, and we were glad with the accidental outcome. website

Cody Votolato in Jaguar Love

Greg Anderson of Sunn o))) on Jekyll and Hyde.

Greg Anderson – The head of Southern Lord and one of the two geniuses behind Sunn o))). Oh, and Goatsnake. And Ascend. And Burning Witch. And… Greg gave us some insight into one of the more popular independent labels out there, and his music. I still regret not asking him about his encounted with Nate Mendel of Foo Fighters/Sunny Day Real Estate in Brotherhood. website

Greg Anderson

Peaches on Jekyll and Hyde.

Peaches – Merrill Beth Nisker is a unique musician and performing artist. However, I believe that she was agitated when we jokingly compared her to Madonna. From that point on, with line problems and a bit of nerves, I can’t say this was our best interview. I still love Peaches’s music, and hope we’ll one day get a chance to do this better. Maybe when she revisits Israel for another Kibbutz volunteer work, or better – when one of the producers here gets her over for a live performance, finally. (ma kara?!) website


Dylan Carlson of Earth on Jekyll and Hyde.

Dylan Carlson – This was another one I was very nervous about. Carlson’s work with Earth has accompanied my life for over 10 years. While discovering them during their hiatus, I became fascinated with their sound and mood. I’ve never heard anything like it before, and it’s easy to understand why Sub Pop snagged them. Southern Lord did the smart thing and convinced Carlson to work on new material in the 2000’s. Earth’s evolution in sound did wonders for them, and for me it’s certain that Carlson is incapable of disappointing his fans. website


Brant Bjork on Jekyll and Hyde.

Brant Bjork – If Brant Bjork’s name rings a bell, you’ve been exposed to the wonderful world of stoner-rock/desert scene before. Brant was not only the drummer for Kyuss, but the visionary behind Blues for the Red Sun, Kyuss’s best album. With Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri and John Garcia – this was the ultimate incarnation of Kyuss. The recent reformation is exciting as hell, but I hope Josh will one day join them as well. Let me just add that Bjork’s solo albums are simply rocking, and a party can never go awry with them. website

Brant Bjork

Stephen O’Malley on Jekyll and Hyde.

Stephen O’Malley – O’malley’s art is just as enchanting as his music. He’s been living in France for a while, but still creates some of the heaviest drone masterpieces I’ve heard. He played with Sunn o))), Khanate, KTL, Lotus Eaters & more. In 2006 I saw him live with Gravetemple (Oren Ambarchi & Attila Csihar). In January 2011, he came for a follow-up interview at the station but I was extremely ill and unable to take part in it. Fluss did an amazing job in that show. website

Stephen O’Malley

Tom DiCillio on Jekyll and Hyde.

Tom DiCillo – This is the only interview we’d done with someone who’s not a musician. My first DiCillo film was Living in Oblivion, which to this day remains one of my all-time favorite movies. It was the first film I purchased, and since it I’ve followed DiCillo’s career, watching all his works – including the TV work he’s done. This interview covered his entire career up to and including When You’re Strange, his film about the Doors. DiCillo won a grammy for it in 2011, and I hope an Oscar is given to him next. website

Tom DiCillo

Kepi Ghoulie on Jekyll and Hyde.

Kepi Ghoulie – I was a punk kid, listening to Epitaph, Alternative Tentacles and Fatwreck bands quite a lot. But the Groovie Ghoulies were probably the most fun of all punk bands. They owed a lot to Ramones in song structure, but the lyrics and spirit always put a smile to my face. When the Ghoulies broke up, it was a mystery for me (revealed why in this interview), but the fact that Kepi’s out there still writing and playing his songs makes up for that loss. The nicest guy in music – Kepi Ghoulie. website

Kepi Ghoulie

Marnie Stern on Jekyll and Hyde.

Marnie Stern – Wow. The woman shreds the guitar like no other. We did this interview after the 2nd album she’d put out (“This is it…”), and the third one that was released in 2010 must be one of my all-time favorite albums ever. Marnie’s a very down to earth person, and the fact she started to play guitar so late in life is simply unbelievable. Marnie’s one of this generation’s best guitar players. And you gotta love her fascination with dogs. website


The Supersuckers’ Eddie Spaghetti & Ron Rontrose on Jekyll and Hyde.

Supersuckers – The self-proclaimed “best band in the world” is truly fantastic (and Jack Endino certainly agrees). Ron Rontrose quit shortly after this interview, and it was an unfortunate loss to the band in my opinion. Eddie’s a hilarious interviewee. I believe somewhere during the pre-recorded interview he was asking his lady how she wanted her eggs made. website

The Supersuckers

Zach Hill of Hella on Jekyll and Hyde.

Zach Hill – I don’t know why there are drummers who hate Zach Hill. If I have to guess, it’s probably from sheer jealousy. Zach’s played with Hella, Goon Moon, Team Sleep, Marnie Stern, and many more. Zach’s one of the most creative and inventive musicians out there. This was conducted shortly after Astrological Straits was released. When “Face Tat” came out, my amazement was renewed. I’m still waiting for that collaboration with Maroon5 he told us about. website

Zach Hill

The Donnas on Jekyll and Hyde.

The Donnas – We got to interview The Donnas. Say what you will, for me The Donnas are a true rock n roll band. All 4 original members were interviewed: Allison, Torry, Maya and Brett. Unfortunately, this is one of the last interviews Torry participated in. She left the band not long after, citing shoulder injury as cause for retirement from drumming. website

The Donnas

Therapy?’s Andy Cairns on Jekyll and Hyde.

Therapy?’s Andy Cairns – This one was a very important one for me. The first album I bought with my own money was Therapy?’s Troublegum, and afterwards every album they’d put out. Andy and the band are the core of my musical taste and development. I have a feeling we really tired him out on this interview, but I felt like a young kid meeting his idol, and couldn’t stop with the questions. website

Therapy?’s Andy Cairns

AIDS Wolf on Jekyll and Hyde.

AIDS Wolf – We hosted these crazy Canadian people at the studio, where they were actually charming and very funny. Their show in Levontin7 was just breathtakingly insane. website


Yvonne Cornelius AKA Niobe on Jekyll and Hyde.

Niobe – She should be regarded as the new Bjork, though I’m not sure she’d appreciate the comparison. At the time we did this interview, we submerged ourselves in “White Hats” which was probably one of the most beautiful records of the decade. Little did we know that “Black Bird’s Echo” which would come out a year and a half later would top it. website

Niobe AKA Yvonne Cornelius

Eric Paul of The Chinese Stars and Arab on Radar on Jekyll and Hyde.

Eric Paul – This guy tells his history stories with such great insight and humor. Oded and I each prefer a different group of his to the other, but both are so underrated that it’s enough to drive one mad. For me, he’s the new Iggy. website


Yako of Melt Banana on Jekyll and Hyde.

Melt Banana’s Yako – Interviews with Yako are quite rare. This was extremely exciting for us – MB being a band that is the musical equivalent of speed & cocaine. The song writing process was surprising and interesting. I wish we had done the interview a bit longer. website

Melt Banana

Trevor Dunn and Kenny Wollesen on Jekyll and Hyde.

Trevor Dunn and Kenny Wollesen – Trevor is a bass legend, having played with Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Trio Convulsant and numerous John Zorn ensembles. I drove Trevor and Kenny to the station during their week-long stay in Israel, while taking part in the John Zorn Festival. Out of the 7 concerts that were played, I could afford 4 and they were all exciting and enchanting. Kenny and Trevor are down to earth and have such unbelievable talent. website

Trevor Dunn and Kenny Wollesen at the wailing wall, Jerusalem

Justin Pearson on Jekyll and Hyde.

Justin Pearson – This guy is a workaholic. The guy behind Struggle, Swing Kids, Some Girls, The Locust, and Head Wound City. He owns 31G records and keeps putting out amazing music and shows. website

The Locust

The Testicles on Jekyll and Hyde.

The Testicles – Great Israeli punk band. What can I say? The leave a mess behind, but put on a great show

The Testicles

Shmemel on Jekyll and Hyde.

Shmemel – a hippie Israeli supergroup. I was enthusiastic about getting these guys to play live, and nearly gave our producer, Dave Hamnahem, a heart attack when he saw 11 people coming into the studio.

Wir Sind Helden’s Mark Tavassol on Jekyll and Hyde.

Wir Sind Helden’s Mark Tavassol – I guess one could blame this on my history in Switzerland. I know that for those who don’t understand German the music might be slightly less accessible. I personally believe WSH is what people ought to think of when they describe quality pop music. website

Wir Sind Helden

The Dillinger Escape Plan on Jekyll and Hyde.

The Dillinger Escape Plan (Liam, Greg and Ben) – Such intense music and such lovely people. This was done shortly after Ire Works was released. We were fortunate enough to do a follow-up interview at their Israeli show in 2010. website

The Dillinger Escape Plan, 2010

Otto von Schirach on Jekyll and Hyde.

Otto von Schirach – you gotta love this guy. I met him in Geneva when he performed with the Locust and Vaz. What a great set. He’s hilarious and the music is a mix of so many things I never thought could be put together. website

Otto von Schirach

Juliette Lewis on Jekyll and Hyde.

Juliette Lewis. Our first interview was conducted backstage at the Zappa club in Tel Aviv. We were very nervous indeed. Helping us with the show were Roy Ben Artzi and Vanessa Murray. website

Juliette and the Licks


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