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Prelimenary graphic for the Ultrasound Festival Poster

This was one of the preliminary graphics I did for Tmuna Theater for their avant-garde Electro/Noise Fest “Ultrasound”, where snaganubbin also performed. There were quite a few graphics involved, but this preliminary concept was my favorite.

snaganubbin – “earworm”

This was the actual CD layout of the snaganubbin “earworm” single”. The verse/chorus for that song is “Beagle, Donna, Uomo”.

The F.A.S. Homepage

I really like this one. This FAS homepage was an idea that was extended from the previous drawing.
The CEO wanted to have less of an artist appeal (removing the brush) and more of a home, warm service appeal to the client. Hence the b&w/color clashes, once again, but this time no brush. Simply leading to the home that is FAS.
Every cloud is a button/tab which changes color when the cursor is on it.
It’s kind of a mix between Japanese and Swiss influence. Never thought I’d combine those two, but I think it came out interesting.

Homepage concept, I did this one while working for FAS

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