Justin Trosper on Jekyll and Hyde: Now on the Archive


Survival Knife

HERE is the link to the interview I did with Justin Trosper: frontman and visionary behind Unwound and Survival Knife.

The interview coincided with the first single Survival Knife released.

Follow Justin’s current, past and future on the Unwound Archive and Survival Knife’s Facebook.



Here is the playlist for the show:


Justin Intro
1‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Laugh Track
Oren Intro
2‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Natural Disasters
What has Justin done between Unwound and Survival Knife
3‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Corpse Pose
The new and upcoming Survival Knife singles
4‭. ‬Survival Knife‭ – ‬Name that Tune
Difference in writing process between the two bands
5‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Nervous Energy
Justin speaks about the other members of Survival Knife
6‭. ‬Survival Knife‭ – ‬Traces of Me
Views on Touring
7‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬October All Over
Justin on the amazing online Unwound archive
8‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬All Souls Day
The story behind Live Leaves
9‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Below the Salt‭ (‬live‭)‬
The Story behind the last Unwound studio LP‭: ‬Leaves Turn Inside You
10‭. ‬Corpse Pose‭ (‬live‭)‬
Justin on Challenge For A Civilized Society
11‭. ‬Sonata for Loudspeakers
12‭. ‬Lifetime Achievement Award
Justin on the mature growing passion of recording rather than performing‭ + ‬the fruitful relationship with the label Kill Rock Stars‭.‬
‭(‬FYI‭, ‬Olympia now hails from Portland‭)‬
13‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Hexenzsence
Justin tries to explain the phenomenon that was Olympia’s music scene
14‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Plight
Justin on the possibility of an Unwound reunion in the future
15‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Lucky Acid
16‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Message Received
Regrets‭ – ‬Justin’s had a few
17‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬You Bite My Tongue
Unwound and Blonde Redhead vs‭. ‬fans in a soccer match
18‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬Whilst You’re Ahead
farewells‭ ‬&‭ ‬wishful thinking of an Israeli performance
19‭. ‬Unwound‭ – ‬For Your Entertainment



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